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Новые решения по 4K и новейшим системам компрессии видео от Panasonic

Камкордер Panasonic AG-DVX200 формата 4K

Камера построена на базе большого МОП-сенсора 4/3” (такой же как в камере GH4) и позволяет записывать видео 4K/60p, оснащена несъемным объективом Leica Dicomar 4K F2.8~F4.5 с 13-кратным оптическим масштабированием и функцией гамма кривая V-log (12 ступеней). Оптика обеспечивает малую глубину резкости, эффект “боке” и широкий угол обзора.

Фокусное расстояние можно менять в пределах: режим 4K/24p: 29.5 … 384.9 мм; в HD: 28 … 365.3 мм (эквивалент 35 мм). Новинка имеет улучшенную эргономику, оборудована новейшей системой стабилизации изображения и оптимизирована для производства в форматах 4K/HD документальных фильмов, спортивных событий, свадеб. Модель AG-DVX200 предназначена для съемки с рук. В режиме Full HD  можно снимать с различной частотой кадров до 120 к/с. Камера оснащена интерфейсами таймкод in/out, 3G HD-SDI и HDMI 2.0 (4K). Запись можно вести в режимах 4K (4096 х 2160) / 24p, UHD (3840х2160) / HD (1920 х1080) 60p / 50p / 30p / 25p / 24p iв форматах MP4 / MOV. Имеется два слота для карт SD. С камерой можно использовать фильтры 72 мм.

Новинка поступит в продажу осенью 2015 года. 

Новейшая камера  от Panasonic P2 AJ-PX380
Panasonic is introducing the AJ-PX380 1/3-inch AVC-ULTRA shoulder-mount camcorder with comprehensive networking capabilities and dual-codec recording, making it an ideal tool for fast-moving ENG operations.
Panasonic’s multi-codec AVC-ULTRA offers master-quality and/or low-bit-rate 10-bit, 4:2:2 recording in full raster HD to meet a variety of user needs from mastering to transmission. Addressing the need for high-speed file exchange, high-resolution AVC-Proxy encodes in parallel with higher bandwidth production formats, enabling fast, efficient offline editing, at bit rates from 6 megabits down to 800 kilobits per second.

The PX380 will record in AVC-LongG to provide on-air content direct from the shooting location and for workflows using content transferred over the internet. The camera will offer three AVC-LongG bit rates: AVC-LongG50/25 providing10 bit, 4:2:2 quality at bit rates of approximately 50/25 Mbps, and the more economical AVC-LongG12, which is optimized for field wireless workflows.

Built-in network functions support wired LAN, wireless LAN and 4G/LTE connections, enabling on-site preview, streaming and uploading data to a server quickly and easily at low cost with a PC/Mac, tablet or smart phone; or users can connect to the camera via WiFi to control, add or edit metadata, view proxies, or watch live streaming for logging or monitoring. Unique to Panasonic’s live streaming protocol is a quality of service (QoS) layer that rapidly and dynamically adjusts the bit rate of the streaming signal to optimize the transmission speed as bandwidth of the cellular network changes.

The PX380 will include a “Rec during Uploading” function to allow automatic transfer of previously  recorded content to an FTP server, which means that recording is possible even while video content is being uploaded.  The camcorder will also support a P2 Remote Operation Panel (ROP) application, enabling wireless control of PX380 camera settings (video parameters, camera painting and rec/stop operation, for example) using an iPad. (The P2 ROP App is available free of charge at the Apple App Store.) Remote control will also be available using Panasonic’s AG-EC4 camera extension control (serial) AJ-RC10 Remote Control Unit (serial) or AK-HRP200 ROP (LAN).

Weighing just over six pounds, the PX380 will incorporate high-sensitivity, low-noise 1/3” 3-MOS imagers to produce stunning pictures, even in low light conditions. With the flexibility of an interchangeable lens, the PX380 can be used with 1/3" to 2/3" lens adapters for use with existing 2/3" zoom and prime lenses. The PX380 will feature a wide range of recording modes, including the full range of 100 Mbps AVC-Intra formats, up to 1080/60p,50p. Two microP2 card slots will facilitate cost-effective operation; a P2 card slot and SD card slot are also included.

Professional interfaces will include HDMI out, HD/SD-SDI in/out, 3G-SDI out to support 1080 60p video output, genlock in/video out for multi-camera operation, timecode in/out, USB2.0 (host), and USB 2.0 (device).

The PX380 will join the latest series of Panasonic’s AVC-ULTRA camcorders with built-in wireless/wired streaming capabilities, the AJ-PX270, AJ-PX800 and AJ-PX5000G. Sharing much of their basic technology, these models are all AVC-ULTRA capable, with the same recording formats, codec and file structure. When used in modern field production--whether fast -breaking news or scheduled interviews--the tool kits provided are similar across the range of camcorders, differing only in the lens / imager format and pricing.  In many cases a mixture of cameras can used by various crews.

The AJ-PX380 will be available in September 2015 with a suggested list price under $12,000, including supplied Fujinon 17x lens and AG-CVF15 Color LCD viewfinder.

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