Azden 15-XT

Azden 15-XT

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Плагон 105-й серии

The 105 Series is a high quality UHF camera-mount wireless system that features 92 User-Selectable frequencies to assure you of always finding a "free" channel.

The series consists of the 105UPR On-Camera receiver, the 15BT Belt-Pack transmitter, the 15HT Handheld microphone/transmitter and the 15XT Plug-In transmitter.


  •   Compact Camera-Mount System
  •   92 Selectable UHF Freq. (566.25-589.75 MHz)
  •   New, Pivoting High-Gain Antenna
  •   New Case Design with Attached Shoe-Mount
  •   3.5 mm Mini-Jack Output w/ Supplied Mini-Cable
  •   Optional Balanced Mini-To-XLR Cable (MX-1)
  •   Headphone Output with Volume Control
  •   Power ON/Receiving Signal LED
  •   Powered by 2 “AA” Batteries (not included)
Specifications - Overall System:
Operating Range: 200-300 feet
Operating Freq.: UHF band, 566.25 MHz to 589.75 MHz
Number of Channels: 92 User-selectable
Modulation Mode: FM
Oscillator: Phase Lock Loop synthesizer
Operating Temp. Range: -10 C to +50 C (-50 F to -122 F)
Specifications - 15XT Plug-in Transmitter
RF Power: 25 mW
Antenna: ¼ wavelength (internal)
Frequency Response: 50 Hz - 12 kHz
Reference Deviation: ± 5 kHz (-60 dBm - 1 kHz input)
Noise Reduction: Compander (TOKO)
Power Require.: 2 "AA” Batteries (Alkaline)
            6-8 hours runtime
Dimen.: 40W x 112H x 40D mm
            2.48W x 3.86H x 1.06D inches
Weight: ≅180 g (6.35 oz) w/battery

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