Светильник BB&S AREA 48 Color

Светильник BB&S AREA 48 Color

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BB&S AREA 48 Color

The Area 48 Color sets higher standards for dial-in, full-color as well as true white accuracy. With a similarly small footprint as standard Area 48s, the new version is the most powerful compact full color LED panel on the market today delivering up to 1.8K output.

No Color Shift while Dimming! No Flicker at any Frame Rate!

Perfect Whites & R/G/B!
New Area 48 Color delivers stunning saturated and tinted colors as well as clean white light in both 2700°K and 5600°K at a higher 13.000 Lumen output.
It matches the original Area 48’s famous remote phosphor daylight and tungsten color rendering at both ends of the spectrum. All while drawing only 185W AC at full power.

Raises Color Accuracy Bar!
Precision color is a hallmark of BB&S. To ensure the finest color rendition, BB&S utilizes RGB plus cool white and warm white LEDs (2700°K and 5600°K) that are selectively binned to produce outstanding rendition as well as white light tweaking from 2200°K to 10,000°K.

Skin Tones Matter!
To compose artistic images, good skin tones are essential. BB&S has worked hard on refinement of the color mix making sure that the essential wavelengths for generating a natural look are present and consistent over the white spectrum.

Area 48 Color is great to use in:

  • Broadcast Studios
  • Film Studios
  • Photoshoots on Location
  • Architectural Lighting, where color matching to e.g. incoming daylight is needed.


  • The most compact RGB + white + white fixture
  • Superb skintones
  • Touchscreen for DMX/RDM tweaking
  • 97 TLCI
  • Full output capable at 5600°K & 3200°K
  • No Color Shift While Dimming
  • Extreme binning ensures best LEDs
  • White light range: 2200°K to 10.000°K
  • Plus/minus green, plus/minus magenta settings – Full range dimming: 8/16 Bit 0% to 100%
  • Flicker-free at any frame rate
  • Super-fast synced strobe capability

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Масса, кг 4,6
Габариты (в/ш/г), мм 356 x 257 x 115
Рабочая температура, °С -20°...40
Цветовая температура, K 2200-10000, RGB
Коэффициент цветопередачи (CRI) 97
Потребляемая мощность, Вт 185
Световой поток, лм 13000
Диапазон регулировки яркости, % 0-100
Протокол управления DMX 512/ RDM
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