Sevenoak SK-LM5

Sevenoak SK-LM5

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Sevenoak SK-LM5 Clip-on LCD Monitor adopts with SHARP 5-inch TFT high resolution LCD panel, is loaded with pro-style features to help photo enthusiasts and videographers shoot high-quality HD video footage with their Interchangeable Lens Digital camera. There is also pixel magnification and peaking facility which will ensure accurate focus confirming give an enlarged pixel-perfect view of a selected portion of the Full HD image.

Sevenoak SK-LM5 Clip-on LCD Monitor has two angle adjustment shoe adaptors, which including standard and Sony shoe, they fulfill the different angles need in the real shooting process. SK-LM5 has two HDMI jacks and one AV jack to get the video signal from the camera; the shutter release jack successes to control shooting when SK-LM5 epitaxial the camera LCD display.

Wide viewing angle LCD screen.
Useful functions such as peaking and pixel-by-pixel zoom.
Controls camera shutter release, ensure the long-distance monitor.
Moveable shoe adapter enables easy removal when using a camera that has an auto lock accessory shoe.
Works with rechargeable battery or power adapter.


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