Osee T5

Osee T5

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Производитель: OSEE
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Designed for Gimbal, mirrorless, DSLR. Osee new camera top 5.5 inch HDMI 4K monitor has the size similar to an iPhone 8 Plus and the weight less than an iPhone 8 Plus; 1920X1080 high resolution panel; joy stick based control for quick operation; camera LUT and user LUT support; the same advanced tools as Osee's LCM215-HDR.

This monitor sets a new milestone for the low cost camera top monitor. The best partner of SONY Alpha, FS5/7, Panasonic GH4/5, EVA, Canon EOS!

Highlights >>>

    Feature Proof Focus Tools
    2x, 4xZoom and Pan
    Precise Exposure Tools
    12 Types of Waveform, Vector, Histogram
    Joy Stick Fast Operation
    De-log LUT for All Cameras
    User LUT Upload via SD Card​



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